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Are You Awakening?

In this episode my friend Donna asked me several questions around my own journey of awakening and esoteric knowledge.  We recorded our conversation and the non-physical peeps wanted me to post this conversation!  I will be posting other conversations along with the sessions that I record.  They were so insistent on the other side!  Love you tremendously!

Are you hiding?

I believe everyone should listen to this session. Are you lost in your family, your work, a cause? This is not the life to hide . . . what does that even mean? I could tell you the answer but where is the fun in that? We touch upon so many things in this episode, a lot around relationships and family.  We even discuss energetic attachments created by pain and fear. Do you have one? 

Dive into this episode and take notes! With tremendous love see the magic and wonder of it all. 

In this episode we have a candid conversation with Ashlam sharing what it means to be connected with your innerbeing, different types of communication sent and we even process a fear of mine together.  So enjoy the episode and let me know if you start seeing dancing leaves and bright green cars!  Ashlam loves connecting with you!

In this episode we visit a life as a Medicine Woman and we even receive our own lesson!  In another life, we experience a dance and find out that was that's soul purpose of that life was for the dance!  Then we meet Goddess of Ishtar.  Mesopotamian goddess closely associated with love and war. This powerful Mesopotamian goddess is known to us due to the very old and first written works.  Thank You Universe for having those survive!  You can read about her https://www.ancient.eu/ishtar/ if you are so inspired.  

You can contact me attractingwisdom@gmail.com or find me on Instagram or Facebook all under Attracting Wisdom. 

Is Atlantis Calling You?

Very excited to share this episode with you.  You will hear two past life regressions visiting Atlantis, my very own and dear friend of mine.  It is magica and I hope this triggers a remembrance for you.  Feel free to join my facebook group/attracingwisdom.  I focus on igniting the psychic in you.  To help you remember who you truly are.  Wherever you are in your journey I am happy we are sharing it.

In this episode we explore the idea of having fun and if you allow yourself to have fun.  In many of my sessions a recurring theme from our higherselves or innerbeings is for us to have fun.  That it is all ok.  We are taking life way too serious.  I get it my friends, I get so tied to an outcome or have an expectation.  To be in the moment and just feel the experience no matter what it is . . .

 www.facebook.com/attractingwisdom or www.attractingwisdom.com to reach out to me.


In this episode a psychic friend of mine went under. In a past life we uncover that she sacrificed animals for a good life.  How far would you go to control the conditions? 

You can find me on my website or connect via facebook. 

See the magic out there my friends.




How We Limit Ourselves

It is Nikki's 3rd session and review of her experience.  Wise Asana shows us how we limit ourselves through our beliefs.  Then hear Nikki's reaction connecting with her higherself. 



In this session we go over how important it is to connect within, to meditate.  We discuss connecting with nature and we discuss dreams. Ebb sent Mona another dream. Enjoy!

In this episode we speak directly with Ashlam and we uncover an ancient star that is part of the Scorpion Constellation.  We even talk about Schrodinger's equation. Enjoy!

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