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In this episode we explore the idea of having fun and if you allow yourself to have fun.  In many of my sessions a recurring theme from our higherselves or innerbeings is for us to have fun.  That it is all ok.  We are taking life way too serious.  I get it my friends, I get so tied to an outcome or have an expectation.  To be in the moment and just feel the experience no matter what it is . . .

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In this episode a psychic friend of mine went under. In a past life we uncover that she sacrificed animals for a good life.  How far would you go to control the conditions? 

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See the magic out there my friends.




How We Limit Ourselves

It is Nikki's 3rd session and review of her experience.  Wise Asana shows us how we limit ourselves through our beliefs.  Then hear Nikki's reaction connecting with her higherself. 



In this session we go over how important it is to connect within, to meditate.  We discuss connecting with nature and we discuss dreams. Ebb sent Mona another dream. Enjoy!

In this episode we speak directly with Ashlam and we uncover an ancient star that is part of the Scorpion Constellation.  We even talk about Schrodinger's equation. Enjoy!

In this session with talking directly with Asana - there is a lot of nuggets of wisdom.  Also we get glimpses behind the scenes - magic my friends, we get to experience magic! 



Hello my friends, when writing the script for this PodCast - Ebb (Mona's Higherself)  projected his image in a pair of jeans in my amour. How sweet is that he showed himself to me.  I will posting the picture of Ebb on www.attractingwisdom.com  and in https://www.facebook.com/attractingwisdom/


Hi Friends,

I hope you like this one and I'm excited to share the second session with Casey's higherself Ashlam. There are lots of nuggets of wisdom. Ok, I don't want to spoil it . . . enjoy! Oh and if you want to see the photo mentioned in this PodCast - go to www.attractingwisdom.com and it is under Gems and Threads.


Meet Nikki!  You are also going to meet Asana - Nikki's higherself.  Love her!!! You can go to the website www.attractingwisdom.com for links mentioned under blogs -  (PodCast #3).  To ask questions or chat pop on over to facebook - https://www.facebook.com/attractingwisdom/


Continuation from First PodCast - Casey's First Session.  I've posted the links I mention in this podcast at www.attractingwisdom.com look for the blog posts, PodCast#2.  If you want to chat or discuss anything pop on over to facebook https://www.facebook.com/attractingwisdom/


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