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In this episode we discuss Kate's experience. Experiencing your past lives, what does that mean and how does that impact you in the here and now. What does it mean connecting with your innerbeing and how that impacts you in the how and now.

It is always my honor to work with those that find me. I never know what I get in doing these types of session. I am grateful that I have my guides guiding me during the sessions and sometimes I even get images downloaded in those lives the client is experiencing. 

Seeing the transformation is the greatest gift for me. 

Thanks for spending time with me once again.

You can always reach out to me at www.attractingwisdom.com


In this roundtable session we discuss how all your experiences now, past and future are for you. 

Seeing things as for me, changed me profoundly. It allowed me to move into forgiveness and acceptance. Your experiences defined you in some way, creating a story of who you are. When you look at these experiences as for you, it softens it. 

You are no longer defined by it. Meaning what if I told you, all your trauma and pain really were for you. To have you understand and expand. You are not the same version of that experience. You are energy and are always in flux. Even if you have similar experiences in your life, these are just messages of a limiting belief you have adopted AND it is creating a desire within you. How cool is that?!?

I love you tremendously. Be a Scooby Doo Detective and look at your experiences for you as much as you can. It is a process. You are so brave and couragous.


 In this Ascension Roundtable, Nikki and Max talk about rejection and Kimberley is integrating the teachings in her life.  I tell you a the lesson from Medusa and being hideous. It is so cool! Enjoy!

Hello my friends,

In this session we discuss soul families. How we are meeting our soul families and what that feels like. We of course talk about the Ascension. I even share what the non physical peeps are currently mentoring me on. Thanks for spending time with me. I love you all tremendously!


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Hello my fellow lightworkers. In this session Tami Fordham Lindsay is playing the singing bowels. Get comfortable and listen as we work with your chakras to assist you stepping onto your path. 

I did this recording live with a group of other lightworkers. I can tell you that I felt the psychic energy very strong when I was channeling the message. 

I hope you enjoy and activates you!

With tremendous love,

Your Fellow LIghtworker Isabelle

Hello lightworkers,


Come listen to this fascinating conversation with Dominic who sees and reads auras. We discuss our synchronicities how he was led to me and the mystery schools. Spirit had him pop into my life to expand and accept seeing energy.

Dominic's Info:

PODCAST - Twisted and Misunderstood


Website: https://www.myndsite.org/

Email: auraprofile@gmail.com


Hello my friends,


In this episode co-creator Nikki Fouere (https://www.eftforchange.com) we  breakdown each week in the eight week course.  Now be a Scooby Doo detective and take note of the subject matter for each week.  These are clues to your own ascension!  

If you want to join us on June 13, 2021 here's the link to the course https://isabellezimmerman.podia.com


Love you tremendously!

Hello my beautiful friends.  In this mediation we are using singing bowels played by the wonderful Max you can find more about him at https://www.breakfastwithmax.com/


Now this meditation is powerful and the downloads from the team I received creating this was amazing.  Fear is really the experience of loss, the loss of love.  Come listen and play along.

I love you tremendously!


Hello!  Grab your pen and paper for this one.  In this session we are once again with Asana.  Asana teaches us how to do shadow work by working with our emotions.  There is a lot of information in this one . . . so be that Scooby Doo Detective and pay attention!

I mention the 8 week zoom course I'm launching (Ascension Teachings & Integration) and you can find it by going to www.attractingwisdom.com or https://isabellezimmerman.podia.com

Sending you lots of love through time and space!  Keep doing that soul work my lightworkers.  


Hello!  I am collaborating with Tistrya Henshall a channeled message from her non-physical entities.  You can find her posts on Facebook, her Group named Inspired Awakening. 


Enjoy the meditation! Step into that love frequency friend!

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